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Here is a full list of approximate pricing so you can decide if MeaLuv Productions is the right Website Designer for your company.

There are many types of business websites, and MLP specializes in a hand full of these sites to focus more intently on what our client's needs are.

We are committed to designing classy, eye catching, and user friendly websites to bring loyal and new customers to our clients business.

Registration and Management Pricing
  • Domain Registration and Site Management fees start at $40 per contracted year, and are non-negotiable.
  • All new website clients are subject to a 2 year contract with MLP
Design Pricing
  • Brochure Website starting at $200
    • This is the most common type of business website, typically containing few pages and mimicking a brochure. This kind of site can contain information such as a short description of companyís activities, contact details, a few pictures of their work, and a breakdown of products and/or services offered. Frequent clients will find it convenient to have online access to contact details and products offered. MeaLuv Productions will update your Brochure Website at your request.
  • Online Presence Website starting at $300
    • This type is more advanced to just Brochure Website. It might contain relevant articles, forums, a small photo gallery, company updates and opinions on the subject of your business. This kind of site allows the business to interact with its visitors. This helps to peak their interest and will increase their trust in your business. If you are looking to purchase such a website, within it you can participate and moderate discussions in your forums and answer customerís questions there on YOUR site. MeaLuv Productions updates Online Presence Websites weekly or bi-weekly, adding news, articles, and moderating discussions in forums, ect.
  • Photo Gallery Website starting at $400
    • The kind of business that would use this kind of site is one that is mostly Visually oriented. Photographers, Chefs, ect. These sites will include multiple photo galleries, a video gallery, and options of flash banners and slideshows with your company's actual pictures. MeaLuv Productions will add photos and videos, as well as information at your request. Photo Gallery site updates take up to a week to be updated due to photo editing.
  • Band Website starting at $400
    • Make your Band the talk of the town! These kind of websites include things like tour calendars, band bio, and a discography. There are also add-ons to Band Websites that will get your fans talking. Such as song and album downloads using PayPal, small photo albums, and/or music video album. MLP will update this kind of site upon request.
  • Online Shop (E-Commerce Site) starting at $600
    • The purpose of this type of site is to sell goods or services. We create your Online Shop for you and take all the guesswork out of E-Commerce. Your customers can browse your products with full descriptions and pictures and buy them instantly. We keep your customerís information private by securing a digital certificate for you and using the well-known and secure PayPal for most transactions. MeaLuv Productions update these sites mostly on a daily basis, or as needed to keep the site running smoothly and orders working as they should.

      *Design Fee is a one time fee. Update fees only accumulate based on extreme volume*

Add on Pricing:


  • Custom Logo Design, from $55
    • We will create a logo for your business to be used on everything else for your advertising as well as your site.


  • Custom Graphics, from $25
    • We will create custom graphics to accent your logo and slogan to help make your site more appealing to the eye.


  • Extra Add on Pages, from $30/page
    • Example: A Brochure site normally has 3 pages, an Add On Page would make your website 4 pages of information.


  • Extra Integrated Photographs, $15 each
    • Integrated Photographs are pictures nested within a page. such as your home or contact page, of past works or staff.


  • Photo Gallery, $60 for 30 photos
    • A simple Photo Gallery including descriptions. For these MLP will do a small amount of editing on your photos, but not as in depth as a Photo Gallery Site.


  • Links Page, from $30
    • Any more than 10 links on your contact page, for your affiliates and such, requires a link page.


  • Short Custom Flash Animation, from $55
    • Such as a slide show or custom short cartoon.


  • Flash Menu, from $65
    • Such as raised or flashed buttons for your different pages on your site.


  • Flash banner, from $50

    • A banner sets above all information on a site, add a flash banner to catch the customer's eye from the start.


  • Traffic Statistic Reports, from $30
    • See it, on paper, how many hits your site is getting and how much exposure a website can bring to your business.


  • Search Engine Submission, from $45/year

    •  Submits your site's name and description into over 200 search engines to help make you top of your game. Such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, AOL, Lycos, and many more.


  • Social Network Submission, from $35/year

    • We create a Facebook or MySpace page just for your business. One to match the message your trying to portray with your website.


  • Database shopping cart, from $65

    •  E-Commerce sites only. Database shopping carts are an upgrade and keep a more detailed record of sales.


  • Credit Card Processing, from $35

    • E-Commerce sites only. Processing for credit cards if the Client chooses against PayPal processing.


  • PayPal Processing, price based on volume

    •  E-Commerce sites only. PayPal is a world trusted online system for payments. Clients will have to create their own PayPal account if they do not already have one.


  • Flash Sale Internet Flyer from $50
    •  E-Commerce sites only. Have your sale paper right on your website!
  • Domain Privacy, $20/year
    • E-Commerce sites recommended. Protect yourself from spammers and telemarketers by keeping your Name, Address, E-mail, & Phone Number out of the WHOIS public database.
  • Specific Site E-mail, $20
    • Your own e-mail address with your website, which can be viewed through our web-mail accounts or forwarded to your preferred e-mail account.

Interested in making MLP your Web Designer?

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